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Your keys. Your crypto. Your concierge. Brought to you by Hedgehog, powered by Capsule 🦔

Your keys. Your crypto. Your concierge. Brought to you by Hedgehog, powered by Capsule 🦔


Hedgehog is a robo-advisor application that brings tradfi practices to the defi world, with features like easy portfolio diversification, automatic rebalancing, and dollar-cost averaging. Hedgehog is a registered investment advisor (RIA) and offers personalized crypto advice to its US users. Registered investment advisors are regulated by the SEC as a category of products that can provide personalized investment advice & help with most financial services. As a result, Hedgehog is required to prioritize users’ financial best interest for both their DeFi and CeFi products.

The Need: Non-Custodial Infrastructure with Great UX

Hedgehog had long wanted to support DeFi and onchain assets, but as a financial advisor and fiduciary, they needed the most secure, self-custodial wallet infrastructure. Because they needed infrastructure that both supported crypto and met a security standard fitting of their product category. Hedgehog looked to Capsule as the solution.

The Solution: Capsule

Embedded non-custodial wallet infrastructure

Capsule is built with the best-in-class security to ensure that neither Capsule nor Hedgehog can ever control a user’s private keys or assets.

Capsule uses Distributed Multi-Party Computation, which ensures that private keys are never stored in one place, including the app or the browser. This allows Hedgehog to seamlessly transact in the background across any EVM or ECDSA-compatible chain, saving end users the hassle of adding new token across new networks, searching for alpha, and optimizing risk.

Capsule MPC also protects end users by preventing attackers from accessing funds or keys in case of a compromised application or a social login from attacks like phishing. The use of passkeys enables users to leverage biometric authentication and their device’s hardware enclaves to keep their keys safe – even if socials or emails are compromised.

Capsule’s key management approach and surface area of protection are crucial reasons why Hedgehog can use Capsule in production today. Infrastructure like Capsule empowers end users to control their assets without needing anyone’s permission. No one can censor or prevent end users from interacting with their assets. Moreover, Capsule wallets are also recoverable, adding an extra layer of security and convenience.

Advanced features: Exposure beyond EVM & Transaction Automations

Capsule’s suite of advanced features allowed Hedgehog to open up advanced functionality to their users.

EVM and Beyond

Capsule MPC is functional on any ECDSA chain. This allowed Hedgehog to support assets in the EVM ecosystem and Cosmos. Users are able to withdraw in tokens like $ATOM or $OSMO without needing to set up a different wallet or take advantage of non-EVM routes for arbitrage and best execution.


Capsule’s robust permissioning system is also a unique fit for Hedgehog, allowing Hedgehog to take advantage of secure automations like portfolio rebalancing, enabling wallets to be exported outside of Capsule to MetaMask, and more. Wallet owners can specify the kinds of permissions both Capsule and Hedgehog have on the wallet – for example, limiting the types of transactions third parties can co-sign on or even withdrawing access at any time.

Most notably, Hedgehog has teamed up with OpenEden to provide a Fixed Income stack for eligible clients, featuring access to TBILL tokens. Hedgehog plans to leverage Capsule for other automations, including fraud prevention, one-click checkout experiences, automated yield farming, and more.

Capsule is the only solution we could find that supported native assets on multiple networks at retail scale. It has the perfect blend of security consciousness, relentless customer focus, and web3 flexibility that any application will need to thrive in the decentralized future” - Colton Dillion, CEO Hedgehog

How do I try out Hedgehog?

We are so excited to be supporting a future where end users own their own keys, their crypto, and now, their own concierge. Check out Hedgehog on iOS and Android today!

🔗 https://apps.apple.com/us/app/hedgehog-crypto/id1616233484

🔗 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.hedgehog.android

To get started with Capsule, head over to docs or request an API key.