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Introducing Capsule's Flutter SDK

Introducing Capsule's Flutter SDK

Announcing our latest launch to radically simplify how developers interact with blockchains: Capsule's Flutter SDK!

About the Flutter SDK

Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for crafting natively compiled applications on mobile (Android + iOS), web, and desktop from a unified codebase. Flutter-based applications also compile to native code, which helps in achieving good performance on both Android and iOS devices. Capsule's Flutter SDK is designed with developers in mind and simplifies integrating Capsule with Flutter-powered applications or wallets.

Get Started with the Flutter SDK in just a few minutes

The Flutter SDK is officially live as of today! Head to docs to get started with Flutter and check out the example repo. Or, if you're looking to chat with Capsule about the SDK, book a call.

Get started with Flutter in Initial Setup

Flutter example repo in action 📱

We've seen an explosion of exciting mobile apps created with Flutter through Capsule's public beta. Stay tuned for some exciting Flutter updates from our customers 𝇊