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Introducing Capsule Embedded Wallets on Solana 🌞

Introducing Capsule Embedded Wallets on Solana 🌞
Introducing Capsule Embedded Wallets on Solana

Capsule now supports Solana!

Solana has always been recognized as the chain that puts user experience at the forefront. The success of wallets like Phantom is a great example of this commitment, offering users a seamless and intuitive interface for managing their assets.

This focus has clearly paid off. Solana has emerged as an epicenter for retail momentum. From the surge in memecoins to Solana Blinks, major ecosystem partnerships like Stripe, and even whispers of a potential Solana ETF, the validation of Solana’s approach is undeniable.

Introducing Capsule MPC on Solana

We're thrilled to announce that Capsule now supports MPC-powered Solana embedded wallets. This means developers can start building Solana applications today with Capsule, leveraging Distributed MPC and passkeys for safe and intuitive experiences that don’t compromise on ease-of-use.

Capsule's MPC technology empowers developers to create robust and lasting applications in the Solana ecosystem, especially for the growing wave of retail adoption.

Capsule’s SDKs allow Solana developers to move away from starter wallets like burners or temporary email wallets, which can easily be exploited, to more permanent setups where wallets are both easy to use and built for the long term.

What this means for you


Check out Capsule Embedded Wallets on Solana in Action ⚡️

Starting today, you can use Capsule’s mobile and web SDKs on Solana and seamlessly create embedded wallets for your users. Capsule’s SDK leverages:

  • Distributed multi-party computation for key management
  • Passkeys for an additional layer of protection beyond social logins
  • Wallet portability that lets users onboard into one convenient embedded wallet, then transact anywhere

These features help Capsule avoid the common security and usability pitfalls of embedded wallets, making it ideal for teams building AMMs, trading apps, or onchain games.

We’re thrilled to be joining the Solana community and can’t wait to see what you build with Solana embedded wallets!

Ready to dive in? Check out our new Solana quickstart and request an API key here to get started 🌊