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Introducing Capsule Public Beta

Introducing Capsule Public Beta

We're thrilled to announce that Capsule has officially entered public beta! If you'd like to try it out, request access or continue reading to learn more.

Capsule enables developers to build secure cross-app embedded wallets. Capsule’s mobile and web SDKs equip developers with the following:

  • Embedded wallets compatible with ERC-4337, ERC-1193, wallet aggregators, and connectors like wagmi, viem, and ethers to make integrations a snap.
  • Wallet portability across chains, devices, and applications – even if an app has not integrated with Capsule
  • Programmable signing - Capsule makes transactions programmable, giving developers control over how and when transactions are executed
    Configure spending limits, progressive 2FA, and automations – all without increasing signing friction
  • Fully customizable integrations with options to suit every app - use the Capsule Modal or bring your own UI, then add integrated on & off-ramps, analytics, and more

Capsule prioritizes security of users and the protection of user funds, and this commitment is reflected in every aspect of our product and security model. Capsule leverages distributed multi-party computation (MPC) for key management, passkeys to decouple key security from vulnerabilities with social logins, and a transaction permission engine that maintains wallet portability without compromising security. These features help Capsule avoid the common pitfalls of embedded wallets.

What you can build today

Developers can leverage Capsule's SDKs to build anything from walletless onboarding to a PWA for dollar cost averaging. We've built a few examples for you to try out (make sure to get access to Capsule first– you'll need an API Key to get started):

  • A Capsule PWA that uses Capsule's web SDK built with React and Next.js. Github here
  • For more ideas on what you can build with Capsule, head to our earlier blog posts

Ready to get started? Request access, check out the new usecapsule.com, or drop us a note at hello@usecapsule.com 𝇊