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Introducing Wallet Portability

Introducing Wallet Portability

Today, we’re excited to introduce portable wallets!

Capsule’s cross-app infrastructure enables embedded wallets to move across chains, devices, and applications. Starting today, users can onboard once and transact everywhere across applications using WalletConnect.

Portability Matters

Capsule’s wallet portability gives apps:

  • Seedless, embedded, and recoverable wallets unified across web3
  • Access to a network of users with funded wallets & liquidity ready to go
  • A flexible, customizable developer toolkit with features like on & off ramps, analytics, auto-bridging, and more

Embedded wallets have typically been for users newer to crypto, while browser wallets were for “cryptonatives”. We believe this is a false dichotomy. Capsule is building a future where email wallets have the same privileges onchain as wallets with private keys.

With wallet portability, developers have the tools for users to onboard once and transact everywhere with security at the forefront. Capsule leverages distributed multi-party computation (MPC) for key management and passkeys to decouple key security from vulnerabilities of social logins to enable wallet portability without several common pitfalls of embedded wallets.

To go try out portable embedded wallets today, check out Capsule Connect. If you’d like to build with us, read the docs or get in touch.