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Announcing Capsule Powered MetaMask Account Snaps

Announcing Capsule Powered MetaMask Account Snaps

Today, we're excited to announce that Capsule is live with a MetaMask Account Snap Integration. Capsule is one of a few selected teams in the first cohort of today's Account Snaps Launch, a new category of MetaMask Snaps.

This collaboration reflects Capsule’s commitment to enterprise-scale MPC. We're excited to be entrusted to deliver seamless embedded wallet UX to MetaMask's 30M monthly active users.

Starting today, you’ll be able to create Capsule-powered MPC wallets as well as log in and sign transactions using Capsule wallets – all directly within MetaMask.

What This Means

MetaMask Snaps is an initiative piloted by the MetaMask team that allows third-party developers to add features and functionality to extend MetaMask. Snaps has already had a big year, with the launch of many Snaps developed by projects across the crypto ecosystem.

Account Snaps is a new category of Snaps that exist within the MetaMask extension. Account Snaps extend the way accounts are managed in MetaMask and can be directly accessed in the “Accounts” tab in the extension.

Capsule’s Account Snap allows users to set up a Capsule wallet and access it within MetaMask, making it the only embedded wallet to have a companion UI within MetaMask.

This allows end users to experience the best of both Capsule and MetaMask together:

  • Easily set up a wallet with an email and sign transactions with FaceID or TouchID
  • Recover your wallet
  • Experience crypto through the MetaMask interface like exploring apps and tokens, buying, selling, staking, swapping, and bridging

For example, easily move from crypto to fiat by using MetaMask's integrated on and off-ramps.

On-ramp into crypto from fiat using MetaMask's integrated on & off-ramps.

Or, skip on-ramping into your Capsule wallet all together and just transfer crypto from an existing MetaMask account into your Capsule wallet.

Transfer into your Capsule wallet directly from your existing MetaMask accounts.

We’re thrilled about welcoming more users to the world of crypto in partnership with the most trusted wallet in web3. We believe MetaMask’s universal adoption paired with Capsule's MPC and embedded UX will give users the tools to onboard into crypto and self-custody more confidently.

How to Get Started

If you have questions about using Capsule's Account Snap, head over to the Capsule Snap User Guide & FAQs. For more information about Capsule, visit our docs.


Capsule’s Account Snap is fully audited by Least Authority, and we’ve worked closely with the MetaMask Accounts team to ensure the Capsule Account Snap is secure for end users.

Some notes on security of Snaps

  • Capsule's Account Snap creates a new Capsule-powered account in MetaMask and does not directly access or interact with existing MetaMask accounts.
  • As always, use caution in safeguarding recovery or other sensitive key material information. Capsule will never ask you for a private key or seed phrase.

Reach out to MetaMask Support or support@usecapsule.com if you run into any issues.


We're grateful for the incredible support from the MetaMask Accounts Team.

We’re excited about what’s to come – to keep up with the latest updates, make sure to follow along on our Twitter or Warpcast account!